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Autumn 2017 Newsletters








KS2 SATs Results 2017

We are delighted to share with you the results of the KS2 SATs test taken in the summer. We are immensely proud of these results and congratulate all pupils and staff involved.

2017 KS2 SATs Results

RE Inspection Report

Section 48 Inspection Report July 2017

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Newsletter 30.06.17

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Newsletter 23.06.17

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Feast of St Peter and St Paul

Thank you to Fr John for leading us in a lovely mass to celebrate the feast of St Peter and St Paul on Thursday.

Newsletter 16.06.17

pdfNewsletter 16.06.17

Newsletter 26.05.17

pdfNewsletter 26.05.17

Year 6 Sports Day

Well done to all our good sports who took part in our recent Year 6 Sports Day.

First Holy Communion Celebrations

Please keep our Year 3 children, who have been making their First Holy Communion in recent weeks, in your prayers.

Joint Liturgy at St Bede’s

Some of our Year 3 pupils were invited to St Bede’s Catholic School to take part in a liturgy help prepare children from both schools for their upcoming First Holy Communion. We had a wonderful, spiritual day working together.

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Newsletter 12.05.17

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Newsletter 05.05.17

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RE Newsletter April 17

RE: Summer 1 2017

Newsletter 21.04.17

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Newsletter 31.03.17

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Easter Labyrinth

Comic Relief 2017


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Newsletter 17.03.17

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Newsletter 10.03.17

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Re Newsletter Feb 2017

pdfR.E. Newsletter Spring 2 2017

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Newsletter 10.02.17

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Year 3 Collective Worship with Year 2 pupils

Our Year 3 have been working with Year 2 children from the Infant School to plan and take part in collective worship. The children worked in mixed-age pairs to create a liturgy based upon St Paul’s letter to the Corrintheans : We all have special gifts and talents.

Together the children gathered, listened to scripture, sang hymns and then created some work sharing their own talent or gift. The children’s work was collated in the shape of the cross and at the end of the liturgy gifts (crosses and heart messages which had been created in class) were shared with one another.

It was a very spiritual occasion that all children and staff enjoyed – we were also delighted that Father John was also able to attend.

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Newsletter 27.01.17

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Newsletter 20.01.17

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SATs Video for Parents of Year 6 pupils

RE Newsletter – Spring 1

pdfRE Newsletter Spring 1 2017

Christingle Service

Year 3 work - Autumn 2016

Our Year 3 and 4 children celebrated a Christingle Service together, strengthening further the ‘Prayer Friend’ relationships. It was a beautiful, very spiritual occasion that the children can be proud of helping to plan and deliver.

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RE Newsletter 2 – 2016/17

pdfRE Newsletter 2 – 2016/17

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Newsletter 25.11.16

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“Love they neighbour as thyself” Afternoon in Year 5


Newsletter 04.11.16

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CCJS Bake Off Competition 2016


Newsletter 21.10.16

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Newsletter 14.10.16

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Parent’s Evening Autumn 2016

Parent’s have the opportunity to meet with their child’s teacher in order to discuss their progress and targets on either Monday 7th November 3.45pm – 7pm or Tuesday 8th November 3.45pm – 6.30pm.

Appointments can be booked using our on line system at the link below. The site will be live from Friday 14th October at 6pm until 12 noon on the day of the appointment.


A guide to making an appointment – pdfParents evening appointments guide


KS2 SATs Results 2016

pdfKS2 Attainment and Progress Results 2016

Newsletter 07.10.16

pdfNewsletter 07.10.16

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Newsletter 20.05.16

Newsletter 20.05.16

Cheadle Catholic Science Week 2016

Newsletter 13.05.16

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Newsletter 06.05.16

Newsletter 06.5.16

PSA Newsletter Spring 2016

pdfPSA Newsletter Spring 2016

Newsletter 29.04.16

Newsletter 29.04.16

Celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday


Newsletter 22.04.16

Newsletter 22.04.16

Newsletter 15.04.16

Newsletter 15.04.16

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Newsletter 24.3.16

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Newsletter 11.3.16

Year 3 Visit to Styal

Year 3 visited Quarry Bank Mill on Thursday, to help answer their topic question “How did the Victorian Period help shape the Styal we know today?”. The trip was a great success and  really helped to bring the children’s learning to life. We visited the Mill, the Apprentice house and Styal Village.


Newsletter 04.03.16

Newsletter 4.3.16

World Book Day @ Cheadle Catholic Junior School

Well done to the children and staff, take a look at our fantastic costumes for World Book Day. The year 6 children shared their favourite childhood books with the infant school children. All the children have had a great day celebrating their favourite books and authors.




Newsletter 26.02.16

Newsletter 26.2.16

CCJS Internet Safety Questionnaire Results 2016

All of our children have now completed the e–safety questionnaire and we would like to share the results with you. In summary, we found that all the children are using the internet, with 52% using it every day and 32% using it more than once a week. The majority are using it for 1-3 hours per day and a quarter are using it for more than 3 hours per day. The children are using the internet for a variety of reasons such as completing homework, researching items of interest and enjoying music or TV online. During their time on the internet 89% of the children reported visiting you tube.  The majority of our children own their own tablet or mobile phone (87%) and are playing games online. Some children are playing with people they do not know online (21%), we have taught children how and when to report and block people online. There has been an increase in the number of children who have a social network profile online such as Instagram, snapchat, twitter or facebook (33%). To keep our children safe online please see the attached documents below for further information and a summary of our results.

During internet safety day we gave the children a very clear message “Before you say what’s on your mind, ask yourself is it kind?” and how to celebrate our differences online. To keep our children safe in school we have taught them to ‘think before you click’ and to follow our school rules to keep safe online. Our Spam squad continue to do a fantastic job at promoting e-safety and awareness of cyber bullying across the school. The internet is a fabulous resource and our children love to use technology, help us to promote safe and responsible use of online technology and all play a part in a better internet.

e safety questionnaire results 2016






Newsletter 12.02.16

Newsletter 12.02.16

Internet Safety Day 2016

Today was  Safer Internet Day – this year’s theme is ‘Play your part for a better internet’. This theme encourages children to think about how they play a part in making the internet a positive place, and consider what to do if they experience anything negative online. The theme for Safer Internet Day 2016 highlights the issues and concerns that young people have when they’re online, but the theme primarily focuses on practical solutions and responding appropriately to negative content so that we can all ‘play our part for a better internet’.

At school we had an assembly focussing on this theme with follow up activities in class. Every child has played a part in #Shareaheart by creating their own message thorough artwork or words. We would like to share our messages with the wider community, please see examples of our work below.






We will also conduct the annual e-safety questionnaire with all children this week.


Newsletter 05.02.16


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Newsletter 18.12.15

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Week beginning 09.11.15

We loved the egg! It was so exciting and mysterious. WE don’t know what it is.             Hannah 4W








Eggciting News at CCJS!

On Tuesday morning we had to enlist the help of Professor Charlie and Professor Roy to determine how a huge egg suddenly appeared on our school field and identify what it actually was. The children have had great fun this week writing newspaper articles about the discovery, and hopefully once the scientists have completed all of their tests we may be able to provide you with more information!


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European Languages Day!

All of the children had a fantastic time today celebrating European Languages Day!  They have been busy making flags for our whole school competition – winners to be announced on Monday! – and learning all about the language and culture of their country.

There were also lots of opportunities for the children to try food from their country; Year 3 tried brioche with hot chocolate, Year 4 enjoyed a selection of tapas, Year 5 had Greek delicacies such as olives, houmous, pitta bread, fruit and Greek yoghurt with honey, whilst Year 6 had a delivery of hot pizzas.  A truly fun and delicious day was had by all!

Image result for languages

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Newsletter 09.10.15

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Visit from Local MP Mary Robinson

This week we were delighted to welcome our local MP, Mary Robinson, through the doors of Cheadle Catholic. During her visit, she met with our school councillors who were excellent in sharing all of the wonderful things we do here at CCJS- she was very impressed.

Harvest Day

On 2nd October 2015 our school was filled with an array of brightly coloured socks to show our support to CAFOD’s Harvest appeal, ‘Brighten Up this World’. It was our chance to help build a brighter world and make a difference to the lives of others. Many thanks for your donations totalling a fantastic £317.80 that will help support CAFOD’s good work and help more children around the world to live without fear – by creating safe spaces where they are free to learn and to play with their friends, helping to build a more peaceful world. I am including a link to the relevant part of the website for you to find out more.  http://www.cafod.org.uk/Education/Primary-schools/Harvest-Fast-Day


IMG_0217 IMG_0207 IMG_0213





Visit from the Fire Service

On Thursday 1st October, the Year 6 pupils were visited by our local Fire Service and took part in their Safe4Autumn event which supports the Operation Treacle Campaign providing key messages during the Halloween and Bonfire period.


IMG_0187 IMG_0194 IMG_0195 IMG_0197 IMG_0198 IMG_0199 IMG_0200 IMG_0201 IMG_0205

6C Assembly

Thank you to those who could join us for 6C’s fantastic assembly on the theme of ‘Hope’.  The messages shared gave us something important to take away.

IMG_0175 IMG_0176



Newsletter 02.10.15

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Newsletter 25.09.15

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Newsletter 18.09.15

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Newsletter 11.09.15

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Newsletter 04.09.15

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Goodbye Mrs Beck

We say Goodbye to Mrs Helen Beck this week after 29 years teaching at the school. Ok Wednesday we held a special assembly for Mrs Beck followed by a tea party to show our huge appreciation for the dedication, love and support she has shown to thousands of children and families of the school over the years. She will be dearly missed and we wish her well.


Mrs Beck is fulfilling her dreams and putting her creative talents to good use by enrolling in a flower arranging course so this week, which happens to be the RHS Show at Tatton Park, we put on our own flower arrangement competition – Mrs Beck was chief judge.

Mrs Beck presented the school with a prayer stone for our garden which was blessed by Father Chris at a mass celebrated with staff, family and friends. She also kindly donated accompanying rose bushes and, in this year of the Angelus, a statue of Mary.



Newsletter 17.07.15

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Newsletter 03.07.15

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Summer 2 RE Newsletter

pdfDownload our Summer Term 2 RE Newsletter 2015 here.

Cheadle Catholic Election – May 7th 2015

With 44% of the overall vote the Conservative Party have today been voted winners of the CCJS election. Under the leadership of Eddie Burgess the Class 5P Conservative party delivered a manifesto which promised lockers for Year 3, a healthy snack tuck shop and further cookery lessons.

Congratulations to the 5C Liberal Democrats, led by Louis Rees, and the 5R Labour party, led by Henry Poole for a well fought campaign. Our year 5 children have carried out a ‘British Politics and Democracy’ topic in recent weeks and presented their policies to the whole school who had the opportunity to vote accordingly this morning.

Year 5’s fabulous Footballers!

Huge congratulations go to the Year 5 pupils who represented our school in a recent competition which saw them emerge as finalists in a ‘North West Champions’ event.

The tournament, which took part at Everton FC’s training ground – Finch Farm, Halewood, hosted regional Year 5 winning times from across the North West. Cheadle Catholic Junior School qualified as Stockport Champions.

On the day, with a series of fabulous performances  where we did not concede a single goal, we emerged as Champions of group A.

The prize now awaiting our talented team is a final, against the Group B winners, at Everton’s Goodison Park on Thursday 28th May.

We are so very proud of all of you – well done!IMG_2677 IMG_2681 IMG_2687

Summer 1 RE Newsletter

Download our Summer 1 newsletter here

The Easter Trail – Experiencing Holy Week

Egg-citing Easter Bonnets

Check out the gallery for ‘cracking’ photos of our PSA Easter Bonnet/ Sunday Best Parade

Egg-citing Easter Bonnet Parade

Parliament Day

Childline Assembly and Workshops

Childline School Service visited us 16-20th March to carry our a series of sessions with our Year 5 and 6 pupils.

The workshops aimed to give pupils:-

– an understanding of abuse in all its forms including bullying

– an ability to recognise the signs of abuse

-knowledge of how to protect themselves from all forms of abuse

– an awareness of how to get help and sources of help, including Childline.


Library visits

Our Year 3 classes have now all visited Cheadle Hulme library. The session, led by the library staff, teach the children about the Dewey decimal system and encourage the children to use our local libraries more often.

Disability Awareness

On Monday 23rd March our Year 5 children listened to a talk by visiting speaker Steph Yates. Steph, a published author who has cerebral palsy, spoke to the children about her own perceptions of her disability compared to the perceptions of others and discrimination and bullying she had received because of her disability.

She encouraged the children to identify and challenge the ‘invisible barriers’ others had put up which prevent them from achieving their aspirations and goals.

The talk generated some excellent follow-up discussion in the Year 5 classes.

Pupil pages

Please check the year group pages in the Curriculum section for pupil comments each week.

Parliament Day today!

Our children are taking part in our first ever Parliament Day today. With workshops covering a variety of topics such as Introduction to Parliament, Making Laws, Elections and Voting and Debating, the children will be immersed in the British Parliamentary system.


Solar Eclipse

British Justice week

Spring 2 RE Newsletter

pdfDownload our Spring 2 newsletter here

Y3 – Cyber Safety Posters

Class 3M Cyber Safety IMG_0939 IMG_0944 poster

Our first S.P.A.M. assembly has been a great success!

Our S.P.A.M. – Special Projects and Missions – squad have had a busy week in school, holding their first ever S.P.A.M. assembly, in which classes reported back to the school about all the exciting work they had carried out so far about cyber-safety.  There was acting, play-scripts, posters, songs and even a rap, all about cyber-safety!  In all, it was a great celebration of all the work that the children have been doing and it was clear that they’d learned a lot.

A huge thank you to our S.P.A.M. squad, Mrs Warwick and Mrs Coronato for all their hard work and we look forward to receiving our next mission!SPAM logo


Safer Internet Day 2015 – Tuesday 10th February

Tuesday 10th February is Safer Internet Day and at school we will be doing lots of work with the children on how to use the internet safely and on what to do if they ever feel unsafe online.

If you would like to follow-up some of this work at home with your child, please click on the links below to view and download the relevant parents’ resources.

pdfParents Conversation Starters

pdfParents Factsheet

The latest on Justice Week!

It has been an exciting couple of weeks for CCJS pupils, as they have had the opportunity to learn about and explore the ins and out of the British justice system.  Because of the snow, Justice Week became a Justice Fortnight, with visits from ‘experts’, such as solicitors and magistrates, spilling over into this week as well.

Across the school, children have had to opportunity to hear and ask lots of questions about how the justice system works and about the important roles of the people working within it.  Naturally, the children were very curious about the cases discussed – particularly the criminal ones – and were keen to try on wigs and robes!

We would also like to thank Mrs Dignan, Mr Rowe and Mr Dell who helped to make our Justice Week a real success.

Justice WeekJustice Week


Snow 29th Jan – Early Collection

Due to poor weather and the resulting traffic issues parents may collect children from 1.20pm.

Book-sharing evening – Monday 9th February 3.45pm-5.45pm

This term we will be offering an additional opportunity for you to come with your child and look at their current work in English and Maths together! The evening will take place on Monday 9th February. Books will be available in your child’s ‘Set teacher’s classroom’ for English and Maths – your child should know which classroom to go to! Parents can come with their child at any time from 3.45-5.45pm. No appointment is needed as this is just a drop-in session.

Please be aware that although Set teachers will be based in classrooms and look forward to seeing you, depending upon numbers, it may prove difficult for teachers to speak to parents individually, especially if many parents/children come at once! The focus of the evening is for you and your child to sit together/look at/celebrate their work and achievements. Of course, if time and numbers permit, then you may also have the chance to speak to their Set teacher on an informal basis. As this is the first time this has been carried out – please bear with us – we would appreciate

Justice week in school W/C 26th January

Are you a police officer, solicitor, social worker or involved in the criminal justice system in some way? Would you be able to come into school to talk to the children or provide any resources? Any help would be greatly appreciated. For more info/to offer support, please contact Mrs Bibi at the school office or Mrs York margaret.york@cheadlejun.stockport.sch.uk

First Holy Communion meeting – Thursday 7pm – School Hall

A meeting is to be held here in school on Thursday 22nd January at 7pm, for parents of any pupils who are planning to make their First Holy Communion in the Summer Term 2015. Each Parish Priest will be present at school to hold individual meetings in separate classrooms. You will be invited to meet your designated Parish Priest chosen for your child’s First Holy Communion: Canon John Gordon from St. Chad’s, Father Paul Lomas from Christ Church and Father Chris McCurry from St. Ann’s Parish.

New Year… New Lunchtime !

Our new lunchtime system is proving to be a positive experience!  In an effort to maximise the time all 362 children have to eat, socialise with their friends and play we have made some simple organisational changes. They have already had a huge impact, resulting in a children having to wait and queue less and a smoother, calmer feeling to lunchtimes.

Here are some quotes from the children this week:

‘It’s great, we don’t even have to wait five minutes (for a turn for lunch)’

‘It’s really good, we get more playtime’

‘It’s better as now if you’re the only boy on dinners in your class, you can now sit and talk to the children on sandwiches!’

We have tried to provide greater opportunities for structured games at lunch and a number of designated ‘quiet’ areas  – the garden has proven very popular. In the coming weeks we will add further seating in the quiet areas and more play equipment.


Spring 1 RE Newsletter

pdfDownload our Spring newsletter here

‘Magic Matt’ entertains at Lunchtime.

Magic Mike, a Year 3 Parent, entertained the children in December at lunchtime to add the the festive feel.

Year 4 at the Park

Year 4 pupils wrapped up to use Bruntwood Park as a stimulus for learning in Science and IT. Check out the photos/ PicCollages they produced to record their work.

Gathering in Faith Day

In November representatives of Year 6, accompanied by Mrs Beck and Mrs Burnett, joined with children from other primary and secondary Catholic school across Stockport for the Gathering in Faith day.

The children spent the day, at Aquinas College, working with others on the theme of creating peace; the day concluded with a celebration of Holy Mass. It was a wonderful occasion to strengthen links with other schools and pupils and colleagues from Key Stage 3 & 4.


Children In Need Day

Superheroes Take Over The School!

Our teaching staff were replaced by flying, crime fighting, go getting, lycra-clad superheroes on Children In Need Day. 

Two pupils in Y6, Adam Phillips and Anthony Chadaidy, they arranged their own fundraising event and asked family and friends to sponsor them to wear ‘Morphsuits’ in school today. Between them they raised over £80! Well done boys!


Our Great British Bake Off!

Nativity and Refreshments – All welcome

Our Year 5 pupils will be leading us in a Nativity and Carol reflection on the last day of term. They will perform to the children in the morning and for parents at 2.15pm (refreshments from 1.30pm). All are welcome – it would be lovely to see you. imagesORXFZQWV

Homework Questionnaire

images88A9A0VAWe are currently reviewing homework in school. Mrs Kee sent out a questionnaire earlier in the week – please do take the time to complete this and return it to school as soon as possible. We will be using the results of the questionnaire, alongside input from children, staff and governors to review the homework policy currently in place.

Christmas Party Day

Don’t forget – Friday 12th December is our party day. Pupils can wear their party/ own clothes.xmas

Autumn 2 RE Newsletter

pdfDownload the newsletter here.