Curriculum for Academic Year 2017-18

We follow the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum using a ‘topic’ approach to pull together the teaching and learning of separate curriculum areas in order to provide our children with continuity throughout the term. However, Religion, English and Mathematics continue to be taught as separate, discrete subjects. As part of  our commitment to the Religious Education scheme ‘The Way, The Truth & The Life,’  we aspire to develop spirituality in the community through prayer and worship.

A copy of the National Curriculum  can be found through the following link:-

Parents can find the end of year expectations for Reading, Writing and Maths on the following leaflets
We aim to provide a balanced, broad and relevant curriculum for all pupils which is in line with the National Curriculum. Equally importantly, we want all children to gain enjoyment and motivation by their successes.

During their four years at Cheadle Catholic Junior School all children will encounter a wide range of educational experiences which are carefully planned to cater for every aspect of their development. Please find our curriculum overviews below:-


If you require any further information regarding the curriculum at Cheadle Catholic Junior School, then please do not hesitate to speak to the class teacher or contact the school office.