School Council

From all 12 classes across the school, two members of the class, a Councillor and a Deputy, are elected by their peers to become School Councillors. It is a great honour as the School Councillors represent their class during the School Council meetings.

Well done to our 2015/16 Councillors!!

At the first Council meeting of the academic year, a Chair and Vice Chair are elected from the Year 6 councillors – with the support of Mr Cope and Mrs McKenzie the course of the role of these two key members is developed, chairing the meeting. Minutes from the meetings will be emailed to all teachers with actions that must be completed when back in class.

Every week the school council will meet, as either a year group or as a full school council meeting. Then, these children will be given the opportunity to feedback information from the meeting to their respective classes. The school council will be shown school policies and talk about ways in which they can improve the school. Also, if there are any fundraising events then the children will come up with ideas for ways to raise money.

Recent actions carried out by the School Council are:-

School Councillors can be called upon to represent Cheadle Catholic Junior School at joint School Council meetings. This is where School Councillors from St James’ High School and its feeder schools meet to work on joint debate. School Councillors are also called upon to represent the school in speaking to Inspectors for both the Section 5 and Section 48 school inspections; these meetings are not attended by any members of staff.